New plugin for acoustic guitar: Quick AG

It’s not easy mixing acoustic instruments. Gat, uke or mandolin, not only is every finger slide, relieved breath and chair creak audible, but instrument issues, phasing issues, and EQ problems can make getting a slick, professional sound from that all-analogue instrument trickier than it might seem.

Here’s a new solution from the teams at FireSonic and SounDevice Digital: Quick AG, a simple way to get great sound from an acoustic instrument.

Here’s the spiel: “The aim of Quick AG is to set the perfect sound for your acoustic instrument within a few seconds. This plugin contains everything you may need to turn raw recordings into great-sounding mixes with a fantastic vibe.”

“The Selector window lets you choose an instrument you are about to mix and sets the hidden parameters of compressor and EQ to ideal positions.”

“You can achieve audible improvement of your sound just by choosing the right preset.”

Video by Alex Scott from

Free trial and sound samples available here.

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