Gibson offering $59k for return of missing document

Gibson is asking for the public’s assistance in recovering a missing shipping ledger book from 1959-1960, which documents an important period in the company’s 126-year-old history and the pinnacle of the Gibson Golden Era.

Have you got Gibson’s missing ledger?

“The 1959-1960 Gibson shipping ledger has been missing from Gibson’s archives for at least thirty years,” says the company.

“It may not have made the move with the company from Kalamazoo, MI to Nashville, TN.”

“The party who safely returns the missing 1959-1960 shipping ledger book will receive a $59,000 CASH REWARD.”

“This offer is open to one and all and is ‘no questions asked’, although we reserve the right to validate information and authenticate materials as genuine articles prior to issuing rewards.” 

“We are also offering rewards for the recovery of other pre-1970 Gibson documents, ledger books, blueprints, and unique Gibson assets which are historically important and relevant.”

Gibson is offering $59,000 for the safe return of the document.

Unsolved mystery? Or just a gimmick to promote Gibson Custom Shop’s 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue?

Who knows, but if you think you’ve got Gibson’s missing ledger, click here to collect your reward.

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