Free Cabinet Impulses: Seacow Cabs

I don’t know about you, but when I started collecting cabinet impulses all those years ago, I thought I’d find one or two that I truly loved and that would be the end of it.

I can now admit the foolishness of such thinking.

Fact is, I now own hundreds – if not thousands – of cabinet impulses and the speed at which I’m accumulating them probably won’t slow down any time soon.

So it was with some ambivalence that I discovered Seacow Cabs, an awesome collection of free Cabinet IRs (and other stuff) that are not only free, but also include some of the most desirable pieces of kit in the world.

Mesa Boogie? Check! Hartke bass cabinets? Check! There’s even acoustics cab impulses – whatever the hell those are.

Honestly, there is heaps on offer – too much to list here – so simply visit Seacow Cabs website and download to your heart’s content.



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