Free: Efektor GQ3607 Graphic Equalizer from Kuassa

The Kuassa team do ready good stuff. Their amp sims are second to none and they’re really nice guys too. (Check out our interview with CTO Arie Ardiansyah and CEO Grahadea Kusuf if you don’t believe me).

Here’s another thing I like about them: They really seem to understand guitarists. You can see that in their latest free plugin, the Efektor GQ3607 Graphic Equalizer.

As guitar players we can get obsessed with what we feed into our amps. Clean boosts, screamers, fuzz boxes – there’s lots of fun to be had. But what about sculpting our tone before it hits the cabinet? That’s how you get that polished, ‘studio sound’, right? And for home recorders, that big, fat Marshall emulation will still need to be placed in the mix with post-EQ, right?

For live situations you might want to pick up a groovy multiband EQ from eBay and chuck it in your effects loop. For everything else, there’s the GQ3607. This seven band EQ let’s you sculpt your guitar sound – or anything else you care to run though it – to perfection in seconds.

But this bad boy might – in one way – be even better than that MXR hard-copy. The clever cats at Kuassa had made the frequency bands switchable, giving you three distinct voicings across the spectrum. It’s a bit of quiet genius, I reckon – you get all the old-school mojo of fixed bands, with a big dollop of frequency flexibility on top. There’s a ton of presets included and you can save your own too, and there’s even instructions for controlling this thing with MIDI.

Nice work, guys.

Available for both Windows and Mac.


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