Free plugin: The Octaver OC-D2

The Octaver OC-D2

A wicked plugin-in octave divider in the vein of an iconic pedal? Yes please.

Built by one Christopher Hooker, the OC-D2 is basically an octave divider – it can generate pitch shifts to either one or two octaves below. It’s also an homage – in look and feel at the very least – to the very fine Boss Octave OC range, legendary units in their own right.

But while there’s a certain inspiration going on there, the OC-D2 is a hell of a thing in its own right. This thing has got a real depth of control that transcends what’s available on any real-world octave pedal – or pretty much any plugin for that matter – opening up a world of cool guitar possibilities, and probably a bunch of other stuff too.

There’s a lot going on – gates, envelope filters, oscillators and gain-staging, plus you can view the waveform you’re working with – what’s not to love?

And how does it sound? I’ve only played with it for five minutes and massive tones just pour out of this thing. You can do subtle stuff too, but over-the-top, off-the-hook tonnes that sound like Godzilla’s balls – including wicked glitching sounds – are where it’s at with this bad boy.

Highly recommended.


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