Free digital audio workstation: Tracktion T7

The much loved Tracktion DAW is available for free download. Thanks, guys!

Tracktion is excellent software for those looking to get into home recording. Everything you need is here: a simple drag and drop interface, full mixer functionality (with plugins) and an unlimited number of tracks available for creating that rock opera epic. Here’s the spiel from Tracktion:

“This is no ‘Lite’ version, we do not impose track limits, plugin limitations or other such constraints commonly found in other low cost offerings.”

“Why? – we think you will enjoy using the app so much, you will discover the value in investing in our latest versions and the expanded features we are voraciously adding. Innovation and creativity is what drives us – join the ride today and download T7 for Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems.”

In addition to all that tried-and-true functionality, T7 adds a bunch of new stuff – including clip layer effects, modular racks and the ability to create sophisticated automation patterns.

Simply put, it’s a ton of bang for no bucks.

Download it for free here:

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