Free: Marshall 1960 Lead Cabinet IRs

Is there a combo more iconic than an SM57 in front of a Marshall cabinet? We’ll wait.

Check out these free Marshall guitar cabinet impulse responses from Laptop Guitarist!

We decided to test the tone of each of the four speakers loaded into our trusty Marshall 1960 Lead cabinet.

We were amazed at the diffence between speakers and decided to capture the unique tonal characteristics of the whole cabinet and put it into one handy dandy impulse response set.

Simply put, we mic’d each speaker in six different positions to get a wide range of tones – first with the microphone angled straight over the dust cap, then pointed halfway between the dust cap and half cone, then all the way out at the edge of the cone. We then repeated the process, but this time setting the microphone at a 45 degree angle to the cabinet – first over the dust cap, then half and half and finally out at the edge – for a total of 24 tonally distinct cabinet impulse responses.

Could this be the most accurate Marshall impulse response pack ever made?!

Who knows (and how would you even measure such a thing?), but it sounds freakin’ sweet and we think it competes easily with other paid-for options.

A note on naming conventions

Click the below link for the download. Each speaker has its own folder. The impulses therein are arranged:

  1. Straight on, over the dust cap
  2. Straight on, half dust cap/half cone
  3. Straight on, edge of the cone
  4. 45 degree, over the dust cap
  5. 45 degree, half dust cap/half cone
  6. 45 degree, edge of the cone

We think the best tones come from the half and half position (the second and fifth impulse in each folder), but amazing, fat tones can also be produced through dust cup/edge combinations. Experiment playing combined impulses in stereo or panned hard left and right with room ambience on the three and six ‘edge’ IRs.

When it comes to mic’ing up an amp, microphone placement makes a huge difference and we think this pack gives you access to some amazing Marshall tones.

Best of all, it’s yours for free.


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