Free: Metal Zone Clone from Mercuriall

I don’t know why, but whenever I hear the news that Mercuriall has released a new plugin, I just about stroke out – in a good way.

Actually, I do know why I do that – their plugins are amongst the baddest-ass of any on the market.

Now they’ve gone and done the unthinkable, creating a VST clone of one of the most loved and loathed, awesome and infamous pedals of all time: the
Boss Metal Zone MT-2.

Dubbed the Metal Area MT-A, all the familiar controls are here – including the gnarliest sweepable mid control to ever send a Peavey Rage into interstellar overdrive – as well as the iconic orange and black colour scheme.

The sound? Have mercy! Mercuriall have captured the bedroom-rattling intensity of the original unit, as well as highlighted the unacknowledged versatility of the much derided 90s classic.

It also comes with switchable high and lo quality as well as a stereo option.

Support the guys at Mercuriall because they’ve giving this badass blast from the past away for free – as well as a bunch of other wicked stompboxes and other stuff to – plus their paid products are second to none. Available as a VST/AU/AAX plug-in for PC or Mac.

Get it here:

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