Free: Pulteq EQ emulation from AnalogObsession

I sometimes catch myself wondering these days: just how useful are these vintage emulations of classic hardware? Surely, with all the tech tools at our disposal these days we don’t need to stay stuck with designs from the 50s, right?

Wrong! Audio junkies love vintage emulations and this one’s pretty cool.

Now this free plugin from the cool cats at AnalogObsession doesn’t have a label, but it sure looks like a Pulteq EQ, the legendary EQ used on countless classic recordings, and, according to the company, created according to the actual schematic of the original unit.

So does it sound like a Pulteq? Honestly, I have no clue about the original – I’ve never used a real one – but with it’s fixed bands and unique boost/attenuate design, the ‘Rare EQ’ from AnalogObession it’s a great to way to get at least a feel for the real thing (and it sounds awesome regardless).

Oh, and the price is definitely right at 100% free.


The ‘Rare’, a free Pulteq emulation from AnalogObsession

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