Free: Roland Jazz Chorus 4×12 cabinet impulse

When it comes to clean tones, not much comes close to the classic Roland Jazz Chorus, used by such heavy hitters as The Police, Jeff Buckley, and, of course, the mighty James Hetfield of Metallica.

Well here’s the easy way to get those chiming, bell-like clean tones heard on so many recordings, including the clean passages from Master of Puppets and Welcome Home (Sanitarium).

Here’s the spiel from SeaCowCabs:

“One of the best cabs for clean tones, the legendary and rare Roland Jazz Chorus 4×12 extension cab, this cab it’s perfect for cleans, and made it with a neutral poweramp and neutral mic preamp and API and NEVE mic Preamps, also 6L6 and EL34 poweramps for a more sound variations.”


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