Free: Isol8 advanced mix monitoring tool

Here’s something awesome from the cool cats at TBProAudio.

The Isol8 is an “advanced mix monitoring tool” which provides a range of functionality to help you achieve better mixes.

It’s good stuff that lets you divide the frequency range into 5 bands.

“These 5 bands can be soloed or muted individually. This will help you to concentrate on certain frequency ranges during the mixing and mastering process.”

Isol8 is originally designed to be used on the master track, but it can also be used on individual audio track busses.


  • 5 adjustable frequency bands
  • Solo/mute function for each band individually
  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter design
  • 24/48dB/Oct filter slope
  • Multiple filter channel modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
  • Multiple monitor modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
  • In-place or centered monitoring
  • Adjustable output level
  • Loudness dim function
  • Large and easy to use GUI
  • 64-bit internal processing


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