New plug-in: RM-2 Analog Console Emulation


The team at Audio Assault sure are busy beavers, and here’s something new: The RM-2 Analog Console.

Check it out:

“Audio-Assault’s RM-2 Analog Channel captures the warmth of an uncelebrated Japanese console, the Panasonic Ramsa WR-S4424.”

“Praised for its tape-like character inherent in its preamps, the Ramsa WR-S4424 is all character.”

The RM-2 captures the character of the preamp section, while bringing a modern perspective to the user experience.

“With its included 3 band eq, which is very gentle and difficult to push too far, the RM-2 is perfect for broad tone shaping while warming up sterile digital tracks.”

Not bad for $10.

Available as VST/VST3/AU & AAX Plug-Ins for Windows & OS X.

Get it here:

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