Free (until February): Acustica Audio Ceil


Who wants a free channel strip? From now until February next year you can grab the channel strip from Acustica free.

“Ceil features a powerful compressor – which can work as a general audio leveler or a full-blown dynamics destroyer – an incisive EQ section, pan and stereo spread controls, and a preamp.”

Ceil is based on a heavily modified British channel strip that we sampled at the end of 2017 during one of our official workshops – held at a studio near the lake of Como.”

Use Ceil on vocals, electric bass, percussions, drums, and more. It will simply leave you speechless.”

The only ‘but’ – and it;s a big one – is that you have to use a damn download manager, which everyone agrees is a giant pain in the ass.

Nevertheless, free channel strip if you want one!

Get it here

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