FREE: Mercuriall Greed Smasher Drive Pedal


If you’re tired of the same old same old  Tube Screamer-driven tone, hold on to your handbags, because here is a sweet-ass emulation of a Mesa Boogie Grid Slammer overdrive pedal.

How dos it sound? Damn good. Check out REAPER TV’s review below.

Get it here:


5 thoughts on “FREE: Mercuriall Greed Smasher Drive Pedal

  1. This sounds incredible. However, it only works when it wanted to. Yesterday, it was working fine for me until almost an hour it suddenly stopped working, crashed my DAW and never worked anymore.

    That wasn’t my first time trying it out. It happened on my other computer as well. Both 32 bit and 64 bit had the same problem on two different computers on different DAWs.


    • It really is awesome, right? I never thought I’d find something I preferred to a Tube Screamer, but man, this thing is the balls. Sorry to hear about your crashing issues though. I’ve never had a problem myself. Let us know if you get it solved. Cheers, K.


      • Unfortunately, no. I emailed them, they replied that they will try to fix it in the next version but I don’t think there’s any new version since then or it was not fixed in the latest version since I emailed them.

        I don’t know, but if more people email them, maybe they can pinpoint the problem much easier.

        I’m always open for testing or debugging if they want to.


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