Free Audio Engineering Tuition from Focusrite


Focusrite continues to go above and beyond for their customers, this time with the launch of Focusrite Academy, a free online tuition hub “dedicated to helping you master the art of audio engineering”.

“Walking you through the setup and techniques involved in recording and mixing acoustic and electric instrumentation of all kinds – drums, bass, guitar, vocals and more – these tutorials have been put together by a cadre of top musicians and engineers, using a wide range of Focusrite audio interfaces and outboard gear.”

“Each set of videos takes you from the very basics of recording its subject instrument, right through to the intricacies of mixing and processing for a professional end result. Easy to follow and light on jargon, every one is a complete course that beginners will find revelatory, and even seasoned producers will pick up a few tips from.”

At the moment only the drum recording section is live, but it’s really, really good and far more in-depth than you’d expect.

Nice one, Focusrite.


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