FREE: Best in Class Cabinet Impulse Loader, PULSE from Ignite Amps and Rosen Digital

Looking for the best cabinet impulse loader plugin around? Here it is.

The PULSE from Ignite and Rosen Digital.

Ignite Amps makes awesome, original amp stuff (and a bunch of sweet plugins), Rosen Digital make the much admired Rosen Impulses, and together they’re responsible for the sweet PULSE Cabinet Impulse Loader.

It’s a fully functional, easy-operation loader that sounds great, looks great and makes using cabinet impulses a breeze.

Check out the hype from Rosen:

Long story short, PULSE is very easy to use, offers real-time conversion, and introduces zero latency into your mix. It even comes with a single in-built IR to get you started (though we recommend trying some others).

It’s awesome.

– Multi-platform
– A/B Control
– Real-time Sample Rate Conversion
– Compatible With All 3rd Party IR’s
– Blend Mode W/ Phase Control
– HP/LP Filters
– PULSE Cab IR Built Into The Plugin
– List View

Available for Mac and Windows.


(Check out more awesome stuff from Ignite here).



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