FREE: RoVee 1.21 Voice Changer VST


Here’s a weird little unit. The RoVee is a voice changing unit, promising to change men’s voices in women’s, women’s into men’s, and humans into robots and toys.

A cut-down version of the pitch-correction VST, ‘KeroVee’, the RoVee, though rough as hell, has quite a odd charm to it.

When set to ‘octave-down’ I found it added a strangely musical gargle to the signal, perfect for the sludge-metal track I was recording.

Make no mistake, however. This is, by no means, an aesthetically pleasing sounding unit. I doubt you’re going to hear it on a Quincy Jones track anytime soon.
Nevertheless, if you’re into oddball vocals effects, there’a lot to play with here.

PROS: It actually sounds kinda good…
CONS: …It won’t make you sound like Whitney Houston though.


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