FREE: Open AIR Reverb Impulse Responses


Here’s a fascinating website offering a collection of reverb impulse responses recorded at real-life landmarks from around the world.

It’s called the Open Acoustic Impulse Response (Open AIR) Library and it’s pretty darn awesome.

There certainly are some interesting options here. A reverb impulse from Koli National Park in Finland? Check. St. Margaret’s Church in York? Check. The Falkland Palace Bottle Dungeon? Double Check. Inside a nuclear reactor? Oh my.

You can demo the sound in two ways before downloading (a vocal line affected by the signal and the same for a digital drum kit), then play the files in a reverb impulse loader.

Man, if you’re looking to add a unique element to the ambience of your track, woohoo.

You’re invited to upload and share your own home-made impulse response files too, so if that’s your thing, go for it.

PROS: Unreal selection, all for free
CONS: Zero


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