FREE SAMPLES: The FreePats Project


Here’s a cool initiative: The FreePats Project.

“FreePats is a project to create a free and open collection of digital instruments for music production. We would like to collect sound samples that can be used to build sound banks for free software synthesizers.”

“In the same spirit as free software, sound samples in the FreePats project are distributed under free licenses. Any uploaded content must be original, its origin and authors must be known and it must be published under a suitable license.”

“Reference documentation and standard MIDI files are also wanted as well as any HOWTO or general information about sound synthesis, patches, samples or the applications to use them. Please use the Wiki for notes and documentation, and feel free to contribute or get involved via the mailing list.”

Cool stuff on offer here: Pianos, guitars, organs, brass, synth sounds and more. Sweet!

Find out more:

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