FREE: TS-999 VST Overdrive Pedal Sim


More awesomeness here from the righteous bros (and chicks, I suppose, don’t write in) at Ignite Amps.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a raging metal monster who knows no limits. Therefore, you’ve probably been on the lookout for a Tubescreamer clone that can provide even more oomph to the front end of your amp.

Well, hold onto your handbag Gladys, because Ignite Amps have release the TS-999, a Tubescreameresque VST with a whole bunch o’ balls.

The TS-999 is actually an emulation of the real-life TS-999 SubScreamer built for Subhuman guitarists Matteo Buti and Elia Murgia. It is, essentially, a TS with a bunch more gain. It adds a whole heaping helping of bite and grit to your signal, boosts the mid-range in just the right way and tightens up the low end, perfect for your down-tuned metal sludge.

Chuck this bad boy in front of your amp (recommended is the NRR-1, also from Ignite) and feel your teeth rattle.

Totally awesome.

PROS: All of them
CONS: Nothing


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