FREE: Orchestral Strings One VST


Orchestral String One is a great little VST that can produce lively string arrangements in moments.

Recorded in the legendary Berliner Hall, this full string orchestra includes 14 violins, 10 Violas, 8 Cellos and 6 Double Basses. These are presented as a single ensemble making this a convenient, CPU-friendly (yet essentially limited) go-to orchestra.

Tweak the settings to your heart’s content (adjust vibrato, attack, release, harmonics etc.) to get the sound you’re looking for quickly and easily. Also included is handy staccato, glissando and pizzicato effects, plus Vibrato, Tremolo and Trills, as well as legato mode for those sweeping shifts. There’s even reverb to smooth everything out.

This is a really, really great sounding freebie, especially considering is uses less than a modest 200MB of disk space.

While it may not be appropriate to produce that finished, screen-ready movie score, this is definitely the VST you’d use to write it.

PROS: Brilliant sounding strings, low CPU, with a couple of bells and whistles.
CONS: You can only play the sampled instruments as a single instrument.


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