FREE: CharBooster Overdrive Pedal Sim


When you think of booster pedals, most of us think of a certain green beast produced by Ibanez. *cough*

It would be foolish to think that the Tubescreamer is the be all and end of booster pedals. I mean surely there are myriad ways of increasing the volume of a signal going into an amp, right? And surely there are many, many different ways to affect the quality of that signal that makes a welcome difference when it exits the speaker, right?

Enter the CharBooster from Soft-Amp, the Rolls Royce/frankenstein of gain increasing pedal sims.

CharBooster is a composite overdrive effect tailored specifically to be used as booster in front of any virtual amplifier model. It essentially consists of a pre-emphasis filter section designed to provide a variation of voicings for your instrument followed by a saturation circuit that excites the signal with harmonics while still being as transparent as possible. The UI is not trying to look like a hardware stomp box but rather has a range of meters and scopes to provide an insight on what is going on with your signal.”

With a three section effect control and db to burn, the CharBooster is a welcome change from the very tried and true.


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