FREE: Flextron DC14 Amp Sim


It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of the big brains at Soft-Amp, and the Flextron DC14 just goes to further prove our point.

The Flextron DC14 is a virtual-analog guitar amp that was made for one of the KVR challenges, and is unique in that it is designed as a hybrid of two existing technologies: The Flexwave by Crate and the Cooltron by VOX.

“This combination was discovered by accident when I was repairing my bandmate’s VOX Bulldog distortion pedal. I didn’t like the Bulldog that much, however I got interested in its low-voltage tube design so I assembled a copy on a test bench. On its own it has provided very little overdrive, just as expected, but when combined with the Crate Flexwave preamp (my favorite solid-state distortion) it has completed its already great tone, giving it more fullness and presence. I’ve used this arrangement for rehearsals and some gigs and got complemented for the tone.”

“In addition to the fully featured 3-channel preamp and a tube saturation stage, Flextron offers a dual-mode stereo reverb (algorithmic and convolution-based), a speaker simulator with two cabinet models and an ambience control (intended mainly for practicing in headphones), a switchable order oversampling and a set of visualization instruments, such as an EQ curve plot and stage bias meters.”


PROS: It’s awesome
CONS: None


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