FREE: TSE 808 v2.0 Guitar Pedal VST


If you’re going for a thick, chunky guitar tone, or if you’re looking play the blues à la Stevie Ray Vaughan, you’re going to need to an emulator of a certain famous green pedal (you know the one I’m talking about).

Well here it is.

With drive, volume and tone controls, and with either 2x or 4x oversampling the TSE 808 covers all the bases.

Boost your clean signal for singing blues lead highs, or crank your signal into the front end of your amp emulation for heavy metal mayhem. Not only that, but the TSE makes a great ‘warmer-upper’ for other instruments. Try it on basses, keyboards, even drums if you’re feeling bold.

Available for Windows and Mac.

PROS: Simple, sounds cool, looks cool
CONS: None


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