FREE: Plusdistortion v1.0 MXR Distortion+ Clone VST


The Plusdistortion from Distorque is a bad-ass little emulation of the classic MXR Distortion+.

Like the original the front interface is as stripped back as you get, with nothing more than an output knob, distortion knob and an on/off switch. But here the Plusdistortion parts company with its inspiration.

Click the ‘tweak’ icon on the top right0hand side and a world of sonic possibilities opens up. A new control panel, including input level, oversampling, buffering, op amp clipping, diode clipping and high and low cut control let you shape your sound far more than the average stompbox (or, indeed, the average stompbox VST).

Two versions of the unit are available for download: a big interface version and a small.

So how does it sound? Warm, open, fuzzy and gritty, just like the original. Just enough distortion to cut through when used alone, and more than enough oomph to drive the front-end of an amp hard.

If you’re going for mellow rock sounds with a touch of raunch, check it out.

PROS: Authentic vintage sounds, very well designed back-end
CONS: None


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