FREE: Nick Crow 8505 Lead Amp VST


Nick Crow’s guitar amplifier VSTs are among the finest you’ll find anywhere—free or paid—and the 8505 Lead is no exception.

The 8505 Lead is a meaty, thumping high-gain amp VST. If you’re going for those fat, chunky tones that you associate with modern rock and metal music, the 8505 is a good option. But it’s not just limited to metal mayhem. Back of the gain for bassy, singing blues tones too.

One of the cool things about the 8505 is that when you export the file as a mixdown, oversampling is automatically enabled, meaning less CPU when you’re recording, but top-notch sound quality for your finished product. That, right there, is genius.

PROS: World class, weighty tones
CONS: None


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