FREE: Metallica Gold Impulse Response Collection


Trying to get those classic Metallica guitar tones but just can’t nail the sound? Here’s your answer.

The Metallica Gold IR Pack by BGelais is a collection of jaw-droppingly accurate cabinet impulse responses based on classic tunes from Metallica’s back catalogue.

Wanting to get that scorching Creeping Death crunch? Sorted. Love the guitar tones from Death Magnetic? Yup, they’re here too. Did the speaker-splitting tones from Blackened blow your mind when you were a kid (like they did me)? They’re now yours. Geez, the set even includes St. Anger impulses (both James and Kirk) for some inexplicable reason.

Just load these bad boys into your cabinet impulse player and you’re set.

Someone get this guy BGelais a medal.

PROS: Some dude just gave you Metallica’s guitar tones. So yeah, that’s good.
CONS: Those Kill ‘Em All sounds are pretty nasty, but it is what it is.


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