FREE: TSE R47 v1.0 VST


TSE make damn good stuff and the TSE R47 v1.0 is no exception.

The R47 is an emulator of the classic Pro Co Rat distortion pedal, loved by everyone from Muse to Kurt Cobain to Dave Gilmour.

I’d been looking for a workable emulation for some time, so was delighted when I stumbled across this bad-boy.

Not only does it look the part, it sounds it too.

That alluring mixture of throaty and smooth is right here and easily tweakable with Drive, Filter and Volume settings (just like its real-world brethren).
It’s got a quality selector if you’re looking to save on CUP and you can even run it in stereo if you’re so inclined.

PROS: Great sounding clone of the classic Pro Co Rat
CONS: None



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