FREE: Thrillseeker XTC Exciter VST


Man! Has Variety of Sound ever made a VST that isn’t brilliant? The company seems to specialise in making plug-ins that sound flippin’ brilliant no matter what you do with them.

The Thrillseeker XTC is no exception.

Add weight, vibe and a ton of mojo to your sound all with a couple of clicks (seriously, there is a ‘mojo’ dial on this beast).

Disclaimer: I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to exciters. Nevertheless, I plugged this bad boy in and no matter what I did, everything sounded fatter, weightier and dripping with attitude.

I tried it on my drum tracks: instant clunky snap. I tried it on the master channel: wow! My mix came alive.

If your mixes sound dull, flat or thin, here’s your answer.

PROS: Everything sounds brilliant
CONS: It makes the mixes you’ve done without it sound crap


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