There’s something about flangers that I just don’t like. It seems that too many of them are thin-sounding and really only function to make stuff shrill and weak in the mix.

I’ve been going through flangers, therefore, looking for a good one and I think I’ve found it.

The TAL-Flanger ticks all the boxes and doesn’t sound like crap. All the usual controls are here: speed, depth, delay, feedback and a dry/wet knob, and there’s also a handy function for setting the stereo width of the output which is a nice addition.

Best of all, the TAL-Flanger has an easy-to-use sync feature that lets you set the speed of the device toi your tempo with a single click. That’s a darn good idea.

Subtle to extreme effects are available and the TAL doesn’t have that characteristic thinness that usually bugs me so. I’m sold.

PROS: Sound better than most, has a handy sync function
CONS: Nothing to complain about here


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