I really do like the stuff from Boscomac. Great quality plugins, unusual sounds and all 100% free. What’s not to love?

Check this out:

“PLUCKTRION is a plucked instrument. He could be belong to the family of Clavichords, Zithers, Virginals, Spinets, Muselars, Clavicimbalums, or any other kind of instrument made of a sounding board and tense strings, but no, Plucktrion is the fruit of a sound synthesis: it doesn’t exist in the real world and it is completely virtual! A white noise goes through a resonant filter which forms a fundamental frequency (a note). Several articulations are possible to reproduce the effect of a pinched or bowed string. The switch A440 allows you to tune the instrument or not.…”

(Modules are programmed with REAKTOR 5.9.2 by Native Instruments and they are compatible AU, VST and RTAS, for MAC and PC. So, you need the FULL version of Reaktor 5.9.2 for use them


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