FREE: Modern Deathcore v 4.80 VST


Maybe professionals will tell you different, but I believe you can tell a lot about an effect from the presets. After all, if you scroll through the presets and just like that, the effect sounds good, out of the box, that must be a good thing, right? I think so.

So having said that, I admit it: I am yet to actually turn a knob on this VST. And that’s certainly not because it’s a bad sounding effect. To the contrary, I haven’t had the need to tweak anything on the Modern Deathcore because it simply sounds so good.

The Modern Deathcore is a clone of the classic EL-8 Compressor.

Long story short: On heavy metal vocals this VST sounds awesome. Gritty, crisp and alive. The same goes for putting this bad boy on your kick drum. No matter what pre-coloring mode you choose, it sounds darn good.

I’m sure I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what you can get out of the Modern Deathcore. Maybe I’ll even end up turning a knob one of these days.

PROS: Sounds good right out of the box.
CONS: Nothing of note.


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