FREE: DrumCore Free V3 VST


DrumCore Free is a fully working (but limited in other ways) version of DrumCore, a lesser-known paid-for drumming VSTi.

And it doesn’t sound too bad. Included here two kits (unlike the original DrumCore which contains a whopping 100+), a functional rock/pop kit, a hip-hop kit, and some assorted Latin percussion sounds.

Actually using the application in your DAW is a snap; simply drag and drop MIDI files onto a track as you would with any other drum VSTi and there are a few basic beats are included to get you started.

Easily search and audition both audio and MIDI grooves in the Groove Browser. Content is arranged in something called ‘GrooveSets’ that groups together related loops and fills etc. All the usual offenders are here with shuffles, swings, 1/8th and 1/16th note patterns, etc.

One interesting inclusion is something called ‘LiveDrummer’, which purportedly provides greater realism for drum rolls and cymbal performances. Simply use the LiveDrummer slider to get more dynamics into the pattern and avoid those ‘machine gun’ snare rolls.

PROS: Basic but functional. And good free drum VSTs are hard to find.
CONS: Limited to two drum kits, can’t be expanded with add-on packs.


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