FREE: Classic Tone Bundle Amp Head Pack


Here’s another freebie pack from the awesome peeps at AcmeBarGig.

The Classic Tone Bundle contains seven amp heads as separate VSTs.

“Inspired by the classic tones of some of music’s defining years. Each head has its own distinct character and voicing.”

If you’re a metal player, don’t let the above description turn you off. You can still get some meaty tones out of these, as well as all sorts of interesting gnarliness.
For those interested in vintage tones, these things really, really nail it.

Included is the Tater Head and the Tamla Head, plus a bunch of others.

And, yes, this pack includes the charmingly-named Dick Head. Oh, and the Pecker Head.

Who’s coming up with these names?


dickhead acme_tamlahead

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