FREE: The Howler Synth VST


Here’s a plain-looking, but unique synth that can give you particularly meaty sounds without too much diddling around.

“THE HOWLER is a synthesizer that screams through distortion, filter and Larsen. It gets loud sounds, incisive, powerful and massive.”

“You can control the amount of distortion, the cut-off and resonance of the filter, the reintegration of the signal in the loop (Larsen). These four parameters can be controlled by the modulation wheel or key’s velocity with a different range for each. It’s very attractive and it gives a great feeling of mastery of sound!”

“There is a mode “Animator” who can articulate the synthesizer synchronized to the tempo: the speed of this movement is managed by the pitchbend. You can also thicken the sound (FAT), activate a sub oscillator (SUB) and a little ramp between notes (GLIDE).”

(Modules are programmed with REAKTOR 5.9.2 by Native Instruments and they are compatible AU, VST and RTAS, for MAC and PC. So, you need the FULL version of Reaktor 5.9.2 for use them:


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