FREE: SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer VST


Here’s an emulation of the amazing K-Stereo Ambience Processor, pioneered by Bob Katz, something of a pioneer himself.

The K-Stereo Ambience Processor was designed to provide deep, wide ambience enhancement, and a huge, fat stereo polish to mixed tracks.

The SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer is a nice little knock off of the K-Stereo that’s 100% free.
Here’s how it works.

“You set up a ping-pong delay with feedback of around 30mS, which is the sweet spot for the well-known Haas stereo widening effect. Then, in one of the crossfeed delay lines you put an inverter such that the artificial early reflections are bouncing around out of phase (exaggerating the wideness) and out of time with each other. Bob adds some extra control over this effect by determining whether the delay feedback (‘Deep’ switch) or single-channel crossfeed inverter (‘Wide’ switch) should be on or off. In addition, the K-Stereo process adds a couple of convenience touches easily simulated with other tools: an M/S matrix processor (also known as a “shuffler”) preceding the effect, and a post-effect EQ module for tailoring the synthetic reflections.”

What all that means is that you, essentially, can control the ambience of tracks already mixed down. Sounds impossible, right? Try it out and tell us if you’re convinced.



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