FREE: MHORSE v1.3 Master Channel Processor


I love Terry West’s stuff. I use his EQs and compressors on just about everything I do and he’s got a great range for both simple and complex applications. Honesty, the guy deserves a medal.

Today we’ve got the MHORSE v1.3 Master Channel Processor VST and it’s a beast.

Much more than a simple EQm the MHORSE offers compression (in easy-to-use NY and Motown modes), stereo widening and saturation, just to name a few.

Terry’s stuff is set up to do complicated things simply and the MHORSE is no exception.


  • Separate In-Output gain with Pan
  • 13 graphic bands
  • 4 Q wide settings
  • Serial/Parallel EQ modes
  • Decardboard, Punch, Body and Shine (39K) modes
  • MS Clarity processor
  • NY compressor Solo + Motown eq
  • Tape saturator
  • MS Stereo Widener
  • Lopass/hipass filters
  • Invert output switch
  • Led output meters with peak/peakhold leds
  • Pan peak/correlation meter
  • Input/output Peak leds
  • Auto Gain Control for effects
  • Effects energy meters
  • Solo left/right channel
  • Tooltips

Phew. In other words, it does a bunch.


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