FREE: Drum Sampler VST


The SuperDrumFX is a drum sampler with pretty advanced possibilities considering its size.

The idea is to make your own sample-based drum sets and play using e-drum or via your own DAW.

“The main goal of SDFX is to sound like a real acoustic drum set. This goal is reached through the use of sound shaping techniques on a 13 Mb sample set.”

“Contrary to commercial software solutions, the SDFX tries to reach her goal without the use of massive gigabyte drum libraries. She achieved her goal only through the skilful use of sound shaping techniques on the basis of fewer samples.”

“The much hated ‘Machine Gun Effect’ is also no problem for the SuperDrumFX. Please excuse me for my bad English.”

Bad-English excused.

The deal:

  • 13 Mb drum sample library
  • Dynamic interval control (DIVC) on snare and toms
  • Interval control (IVC) on kick, hihat and cymbals
  • Snare position control for Roland VDrums TD12/TD20
  • Note mapping is pre configured to Roland VDrums
  • Easy change note mapping to support other e-drum modules
  • No ‘machine gun effect’
  • Mixer with equalizers
  • Effect processor with 4 simultaneously usable FXDOWNLOAD:


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