FREE: 7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator VST


Here’s a unique amp/cab/everything else emulator for guitar players looking for something a little (okay, a lot) different.

“7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator is a guitar amp emulation software with unusual sound. It was created to test some guitar sound processing ideas and then transformed into free of pay amp emulator to achieve rare sounds at repetition or recording. For its experimental nature it is not an emulation of any really existing guitar amp. Its goals are some original clean sounds, good “strained” overdriven solo sound, and staccatos.”

“The standalone emulator version supports connecting of multiple guitars simultaneously. It has advantage of recording input signal from 2 guitars and built in scheme for noise reduction, which appears before recording and rest of processing chain. It helps to record cleaner guitar sound, that is often important when recording or playing at PC, cause guitar sustainer and distortion highly amplify noise usually. Complex two band limiter which may act like sustainer at input helps to control sound dynamics before overdrive.”

Included in the combo are the following effects, each of which can be downloaded individually from the site.

All parts of the 7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator are available as standalone VST-plugins:

  • Noise gate
  • Limiter
  • Distortion
  • Equalizer
  • Speaker
  • Reverberator

You can use this bad boy as a stand-alone unit, or inside your DAW. Freeware for Windows and Mac.


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