FREE: SoftDrive GV VST


The guys from Soft-Amp, makers of the highly awesome CharBooster and the equally cool SansAmp clone, the SoftAmp GT, have released the SoftDrive GV, a virtual-analog model of the Marshall “Guv’nor” and “Guv’nor GV-2 Plus” guitar distortion effects.

That’s excellent news.

For those who don’t know, the Guv’nor is a solid-state distortion pedal designed to recreate the sound of a cranked up Marshall stack.

The SoftDrive GV does a lot more than the original however, offering features only possible in the digital realm.

“SoftDrive GV expands on the original design and brings in new possibilities unthinkable of outside of the digital realm. In the spirit of my prior creations, this plug-in also features a few things to visualize what’s going on inside the box.”


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