FREE: Grebz Tiny Cabinet Impulses


I once read, I forget where, that, sometimes, the smallest amps have the mightiest tone.

If you’ve been using impulses from giant Marshall stacks and solid-state Randall monsters, you may have been missing out.

Try these on for size: Here are impulses generated from four tiny amps—an Orange Micro Crush CR3, a Roland Micro Cube, a Peavey Ecoustic 110 EFX and a Vox AC4 TV. If you’re looking for a cutting lead tone, a nice acoustic treatment or just something a bit different, you might be surprised at just how decent they sound.

Orange Micro Crush CR3
DOWNLOAD (12 impulses):

Roland Micro Cube
DOWNLOAD (40 Impulses):

Peavey Ecoustic 110 EFX
DOWNLOAD (64 impulses):

Vox AC4 TV
DOWNLOAD (14 impulses):

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