FREE: Dirthead v.0.80 Amp VST


The Dirthead is a nasty little amp VST, offering high-gain ear-breaking pain.

The dirt:

“Dirthead is my latest attempt at modelling a tube guitar amp. It features three channels, clean, crunch and ultra that can be activated by clicking on the yellow, orange or red leds. It comes with the usual controls found on guitar amplifiers and additionally a voicing knob that alters some internal poweramp parameters.”

Not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, the Dirthead is most at home making lo-fi/black metal tracks squeal or for a raw-sound blues, a la The White Stripes. Definitely one of a kind.

There’s a donation button on the site, so if you like this bad boy be a sport and send some fiduciary love the developer’s way.


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