FREE: CompEQ Pro-V 1.54


If you don’t know who Terry West is, you’re missing out. He makes totally badass VSTs, and they’re all free. Good on ya, Terry.

Today we’ve got the CompEQ Pro-V 1.54, a sweet EQ/compressor dedicated to vocals.


Compressor —

  • Input gain, attack, release, ratio, threshold and output gain controls
  • Bypass, EQ on/off, meters on/off
  • Auto-linked ratio/threshold
  • Numeric peak indicators
  • Saturation control
  • Semi auto-gain by threshold
  • Auto input limiter

Equalizer —

  • Low, low/mid, hi/mid, high controls
  • Hicut, lowcut, mid-kill, fine on/off
  • 4 resonance controls
  • 3 equalizer models with attenuate controls (sibilance)


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