FREE: TubeDriver v1.22 VST

Nick Crow does good stuff, and the updated TubeDriver is no exception. Brilliant for adding warmth and saturation to any signal, and perfectly at home whether on individual channels or whole mixes, the TubeDriver is wonderful for adding professional sheen to your mixes.

You’ve got EQ, bias control, drive, boost high- and low-pass filters as well as mono mode.

Here’s what’s new for the update:

  • Post Low Pass filter added (6 dB/oct)
  • Post High Pass filter frequency control added
  • Removed drift and noise functions
  • Some changes in the interface
  • Mac OS X compatibility added

It’s cool.

Available for Windows and Mac.

Donations are accepted so if you like it, feel free to flick Mr Crow a couple of bucks.


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