FREE: Boogie Mark III Amp (Dirty Channel) VST


If you like heavy tones, you like the Mesa Boogie, however decent free sims of this amp seem to be few and far between.

Here’s one you may have missed that, while it’s got a few issues, sounds wicked. Simply put, the Boogie Mark III Amp from pvdhp7 sounds brilliant. You’ve got gain, volume, bass, mid and treble, depth and presence functions, as well as dynamics control. It’s hard to get a bad sound out of this guy, it really is.

It’s a CPU-hog however. When I put three instances of this going on my track, everything collapsed and I had to restart. Bummer, because it sounds great.

PROS: It’s sounds amazing!

CONS: This bad-boy absolutely gobbles CPU, so best use it only at the render stage


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