FREE: Beyer Dynamic Virtual Studio VST


Here’s an interesting one. Beyer Dynamic have released ‘Virtual Studio’, a plug-in that let’s you hear how your tracks will sound when played through various different pieces of technology.

Here’s how they put it:

Virtual Studio “lets you listen to audio tracks or signals on your headphones as if they were playing over the correspondent speaker system in whichever space you choose.”
“No more long waiting periods and stress with appointments just to use a studio space which is only available for a limited time anyway – with beyerdynamic Virtual Studio you can mix and master your tracks whenever you want and wherever you are. Whether riding on the train, sitting at home on the sofa or hanging out at a friend’s place – you can take the studio wherever you go.”

It’s a good idea, for sure, but as to the actual results, you’ll have to be the judge.

CONS: You’ll need an email address to get the download


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