Randal Solar v1.0 Guitar Amp VST

These days Randall amplifiers are considered something of a go-to when you’re looking for super heavy guitar tones.

I’ve been looking for one to make something of a Dimebag tone, so when I saw this VST I was excited.

So how does the Randal Solar sound? It melts faces. It is a seriously high-gain monster. I’ve found the sound a little difficult to control, but it’s still early stages. I’m combining it with this Pantera impulse and it’s huge. A little EQ carving and I think I’ll be onto something.

There’s even ‘girth’ and ‘grind’ settings so you know the developer has his heart in the right place.

NOTE: The night I downloaded this VST a started having problems with my sound card. I downloaded a bunch of stuff that night, so I’m not certain, by any means, that this VST is to blame, but if you have problems too, let us know and we’ll put a warning up.

DOWNLOAD: https://pvdhp7.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/ola-englunds-randall-inspired-amp-sim/

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