FREE: Sonalksis FreeG Master Fader VST

How did you end up without a fader?

If, somehow, you have (seriously, please write in and let us know how this happened), why not upgrade to a totally badass one?

Here’s the spiel:

“The Sonalksis FreeG is everything you need in a master fader. A simple, but absolutely indispensable plug-in, the FreeG extends the functionality of a typical audio host by providing a large-format style fader, along with ultra accurate metering.”

“FreeG helps to maximise workflow with extended, customizable metering, and multiple control features and settings.”

“When working with digital audio, a lack of fine metering and extended signal flow control in the host is a common issue. FreeG helps to improve workflow in the host by providing these features in the insert chain. By delivering enhanced control of amplitude, phase and pan (stereo version) in the insert chain as well as fine metering, with user configurable industry standard ballistic options, the freeG is the perfect master control.”



  • Long-throw fader
  • Ultra accurate metering
  • Multiple metering ballistic types
  • Peak and RMS readouts
  • Pre/Post metering options
  • Selectable Pan-Law
  • ‘Fine’ mode for sensitive calibration of the master fader
  • Mono-compatible for use in tracking situations

Freeware for both Windows and Mac.

PROS: It’s all good

CONS: You’re gonna have to cough up an email address and go through an installer-process to get it



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