FREE: L3V3LL3R-X3 Compressor VST

The L3V3LL3R-X3,  a 3-band compressor, is essentially an EQ-enabbelled version of the L3V3LL3R, a simple leveller from Platinum Ears.

The original L3V3LL3R is a clone of a certain single-knob hardware compressor from the ’60s.


  • Dynamic EQ topology to reduce phase artefacts
  • Three vintage style L3V3LL3R compressors with band-limited sidechains
  • Intuitive “solo in place” function for each band
  • Switchable soft clipping keeps your peaks below 0dBFS: turn up the master gain knob for a warm overdrive effect
  • Global gain change meter
  • Zero latency
  • SSE optimisations for low CPU use

DOWNLOAD (Latest version):

DOWNLOAD (Single-knob version):

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