FREE: SoloC v1.12 Amp VST

The SoloC from LePou is a kick-ass Soldano SLO100 Amp Clone with gain to burn.

Here’s what’s on offer: Three channels, clean, crunch and overdrive. You’ve got drives for both crunch and overdrive plus an overdrive boost. Bass, middle and high are complimented by a conture and ‘bright’ switch to shapes the sound further. Simple stuff, really.

How does it sound? Awesome! Dry and crisp, just the way I like it. Not too much bass, but with a throaty howl that’s pretty for heavier stuff. Coupled with a good impulse response and a cab simulator, this is a beast.

Available for Windows.

PROS: An oldie but very much a goodie

CONS: An oldie.


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